Sarah writes each week an energy and intuitive astrological forecast for the up and coming week. Sarah believes that knowledge is power and if you understand the energies at play that may be affecting then you may be more understanding of self and others and you have the opportunity to act or react, evolve or retreat. Sarah gives advice and shares her intuitive messages. 

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Take a breath, take a breath…January is over… But Wow…U ready, Feb U Ready???
Because trust me, it may not be as crazy as January but still it’s pretty full on.
February Dates to note: 

5TH Sarah Louise Event - SC
13th Sarah Louise Event -BRIS

14th Valentines Day

What a massive week we have coming up!!!

Feels like at times we can literary feel the earth shaking beneath our feet.
(I hope I’m not talking literally here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this week the earth tremors are high with volcanic reactions or wild weather)


So, tribe we have a good week ahead. 

Its feels positive…. Yay!!!

Your focus this week…

So, I have talked a lot about this being the year of creation.

I have used the analogy of, this year you are building your house. 

A house that you will live in for the next 8 years. (th...

BOOM – What a week ahead!

And why …. Well we have the most powerful new moon of the whole year on Wednesday.

The energy leading up to this and around it is going to feel intense.

Amazingly empowering if you’re on top of your shite.

Pretty scary if you’re not.

So this week,...

January as I keep saying, is massive…So much is happening…Such exciting times right. now…!!!

And this…This is an amazing week, on so many levels.

 All the planets are all moving forward, just like us…YAHOO!

So, this week…

What are you working on?

What are you aligning with?


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