Sarah's latest article in the Kunara's One magazine.




Live interview and call in on air on hot 91.1 fm radio station morning show

Sarah had the privilege of being asked to join BEVO and ASH on hot 91.1fm's morning show. Sarah chatted with the guys about the work she is doing and how she got to where she is today working Sarah's Way Therapy. Sarah then took live calls from listeners wanting some help and guidance. It was a great morning lots of fun. Sarah is looking forward to sharing more on air in the future. Stay tuned!

Magic Hands

Not long after arriving in Australia Sarah was asked if she would be available for an article for style magazine. A huge compliment that after only being in the country a matter of months Sarah's reputation had followed her and her magic hands were still being talked about .

Doing it Sarah's Way

Sunshine coast daily newspaper wrote a great editorial when Sarah set up a newborn baby clinic. After having her third child Sarah felt it was important to set aside some time to work with new mothers and babies. She remembered how vulnerable this time can be and how important support, love and guidance is for new mothers. Sarah believes that it is important to also check and work with new babies ...they have a 'health' check when they arrive, why not an energy check too ?.. Sarah finds that babies that do visit her tend to be happier, healthier more contented and less likely to suffer from baby issues of colic ...sleep problems ..etc..