Weekly Enlightenment 4.9.17

A new season,

A new month ,

A new week,

A new YOU ......

For those that read my monthly enlightenment you will know that this week marks a whole new beginning…On so many levels.

Quite often before we get to the new beginnings there is a letting go. It can be a letting go in different all areas, relationships, jobs, patterns, beliefs ….the list goes on and totally dependent of your path and your creations.

Towards the end of last week there was a huge letting go on so many levels for so many it was massive.

This has to happen to allow the new …but the process can be extremely painful and uncomfortable or just a thing..!

I ask you to reflect on last week …

Was there any thing that you let go of?

Reflect on it, sit with it and it will give you insight in to where you are growing and what newness is coming in for you.

For me, last week was a huge week of letting go…

It was my Fathers 6th birthday not in this reality, It was the anniversary of Wayne Dyer, my spiritual father’s passing and Louise Hay my spiritual mother passed ..all in 2 days,

3 of my biggest teachers. On a human level, a wave of grief moved through me, a loss of something I loved so dearly. I felt an emptiness. On a spiritual level I know the passing is just in t