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Weekly Enlightenment 22.1.18

So, tribe we have a good week ahead.

Its feels positive…. Yay!!!

Your focus this week…

So, I have talked a lot about this being the year of creation.

I have used the analogy of, this year you are building your house.

A house that you will live in for the next 8 years. (the numerology cycle)

This week, I want you to look around and see - who are your team of helpers with you.

Who can you rely on, depend on, to help you build the best house ever?

Who can you trust?

Who has got your back?

It’s impossible to think you are going to build this house alone…

You need your team to help you in areas that aren’t your speciality.

You just need to pick wisely, just need to make sure they support your vison.

And are in alignment with you. Working with you.

Its time to gather this team, reach out and connect with them.

There is so much work to be done this year.

And getting help will make it so much easier!

Remember we are all in th together,

And together we are stronger than we are alone.

Have a great week,

I’m in Melbourne this week- Private sessions available as well as the January Energy Alignment and Meditation event.

Book here for Melbourne

Lots of love,

Sarah XxX

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