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Let's Do This Team | 6-13 October 2019 🙌

✨Weekly Enlightenment✨

Time to take all the opportunities that are coming up, time to make sure you're on the path you want to be on, time to rock n roll baby!

All the talking has been done and its now action time

It’s a literal time, no more thinking, it’s a time of doing.

We are on a roll and its all about commitment, connection and communication.

As well as CHANGE 🐛🦋

It’s going to be super busy now, until the end of the year, but your ready for this, you've been waiting for this time for like, all year!

I know it's Libra season but Scorpio has been waiting for their season for so long, it's like they are taking over before their time and it feels super Scorpio right now, deep, intense, raw and deeply truthful as well as massively transformative.

Ask yourself this week…🙏

Is my world around me going to support me in this next stage off life I am creating?

If it is - amazing, celebrate you are going places …If it’s not …Its time to let go of whats not aligned with your future, people places and things and then celebrate you are going places.

Please don't get caught up in any heavy energy this week, please don't get caught up in pointless relationships, pointless conflicts don't waste your time or your energy.

We are in such a powerful period of time, we are about to move in to a whole new decade and we have the ability to walk in to this decade in real strength and faith, with a focus and a vision that is crystal clear and in alignment with our every desire.

Stay there…!

Love you xXx

PRIVATE SESSIONS 🙌 I have a few sessions left in person on the Sunshine Coast. I have a few face time sessions.

EVENTS 🧘‍♀️ Events are next week - gosh they have come round quickly this month. We already have lots of booking and they will sell out so please book your space as disappointment is not a good vibe.

Just 2 sessions left for 2019 - OMG!

Im super excited for this month we are working around a major full moon in Aries and the energy is extreme and HOT 🌑🔥

SYDNEY NEXT MONTH 🛫 I have a few private sessions available and the event on November the 6th. Cant wait to connect with the Sydney crew xXx.

LONDON IN DECEMBER ✈️ I love working back in my motherland. I have an event in Blackheath on the 23rd December and I'm in talks about running an event at a holistic festival in Central London in January - Watch this space!


Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;

FUN "Life is supposed to be fun! Bring a little joy and spontaneity into your day by doing something that feels fun to you."

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