What Are You Doing | 03-10 November 2019

✨ Weekly Enlightenment ✨

What you doing with your life? What you doing with your energy? What you doing babe?

Time to take a look at your deep personal wants and needs going forward.

This week make some changes that will set you up to be in alignment with your wants and needs.

Take action, it’s time to stop sitting on the fence and start doing what needs to be done to take you where you want to go.

You know what you want, You know what needs to be done, No more talking the talk, time to walk the walk.

If you want something, do what it takes now to make it happen.

You want to think some more, work it our in your head…that’s ok, but just make sure when you get off that fence, when your ready, just make sure what you wanted is still there waiting.

Have a big think this week are you willing to do what needs to be done to take you on the best journey ever ???

Its a serious time we have 9 weeks left of this decade !

Love Sarah xXx


You might have noticed I’ve stepped up my connection on line and I’m sharing more than ever, my insights and messages.​

At the beginning of this year I talked a lot about this being a year of transformation and I feel we all have had the opportunity to evolve and grow up in monumental ways.​

The Lessons for many have been hard and huge. ​

Quite often lessons can be testing to work through. ​