Weekly Enlightenment 23-30 August 2020 | WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE..!

This week, I feel like we arrive in the jungle, we are here to stay for a while. Within days of arriving there are some real twists and turns and a little chaos.

You have had more than your share of 'chaos and stuff' recently and the thought of more stuff to deal with in a new destination just feels all too much.

To be honest is all a bit much right now and quite frankly this is not a great time to start screaming and swinging and from the trees. Let the monkeys do that.

The best thing to do would be, find a nice tree to sit under and observe the animals, chill out. Drink some nice coconut water and look at the stars. Avoid it all where you need to.

Use this week to step back and look after yourself, look within, heal where you need to.

Friday will be here before you know it and this friday is a real FRI-YAY. It's feel is magical and very romantic. We have the planet of love in harmony with the planet of dreams. This is the perfect date night for everyone, the vibe feels sooo good.

Have a great week xXx

Lots of love,

Sarah xXx