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26 DECEMBER 2021 - 1 JANUARY 2022

My Incredible Tribe,

What a ride 2021 has been, every single person on this planet deserves a pat on the back for making it to this point.

As we wrap up the last few days please have patience and compassion for yourself and others. Please know as a collective we are pretty exhausted and over-sensitized. Everyone needs some kind of break during this holiday season. A break from work, a break from social media, a break from addictions, a break from fear and worry, a break from something, please make that happen for yourself.

So my feeling for 2022 is this - It's a Wild Ride

2021 was a wild ride too for sure but was pretty frightening for many at different points. It was like being on a wild ride with no safety belt on, much of the ride was in complete darkness and some bits had masked monsters screaming or whispering to scare us. Many wanted to close their eyes and wish for the end that never seemed to come, others shouted and screamed at the turning points. It was pretty crazy to say the least and a ride many were not prepared for.

2022 is a wild ride again but it feels very different. In this new year, we are strapped in and half prepared. It's dramatic for sure and we are going to feel like we can barely catch our breath at times but we definitely aren't so scared in fact some of us will not be scared at all. We have learned to expect the unexpected and to see through the masks and laugh at the screams. A bit like walking through the haunted house the second time round, you see the strings being pulled and the tape recorder playing, and all of a sudden it's stupid rather than petrifying. We will definitely feel more in control of ourselves and stronger in our being. We will find ways to enjoy the ride, we will continue to learn to be open, flexible, and adapt to our outer conditions.

I hope that gives you some comfort.

So I'm checking out a bit of tribe until the new year, I send love to you all and can't wait to journey with you in 2022. Sarah xxx


Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;

Dream Big

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