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30 MAY - 2 JUN 2021

Hello June, I'm ready for your arrival. You seem to slow things down and give us a much needed month of recharge and respite thank goodness, as well as some deep clarity and understanding of where we have been and where we are going.

Remember we are in between

eclipses so things are not 100% clear just yet but it's coming.

It's like walking in between worlds, you have left the old world behind yet you are not living in the new world yet, but you can nearly or clearly see it, touch it and taste it. It feels amazing and you want it all NOW, but you must be patient a little longer, it's all coming together, so please trust the universal timing and know that on June 10th the solar eclipse, magic happens and things will begin to shift massively. My Advice this week-

Be super conscious of your thoughts, words and actions - they are creating your reality, the universe is tuned in more than ever and listening to YOU at this time.

Visualize and meditate on your dreams and desires,

Be excited to be living this adventure of life,

Stay hydrated,

Eat well and be healthy,

Hang with the people that lift you up and make you smile,

Have an amazing week, next week we ride the last eclipse wave and it's huge so enjoy this calm time.

Love you,

Sarah xxxx



Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;


"You have so much to be grateful for. Your life is abundant beyond measure. Make a list of all things that you are grateful for, and allow yourself to sit in that feeling of gratitude for a moment." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.


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