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What a Power Week We Have Coming Up, My Friends...

14 - 20 MAY 2023

You can't go backward, you can't pretend, you can't blame, you can't bend over and you cannot do victim.

What a powerful place that puts you!!!

Own it, do it, and nail it. This path of transformation is getting pretty interesting.

You are stronger, wiser, and just starting to see a fraction of your potential.

This week we have some super cool alignments in the skies that will support you going forward, creating more of the dreams and desires and less of the old toxic narrative.

It will take some work though, you can't sit back and think life will line up with your desires just like that. This is a time we must take a good look at ourselves, see the areas where change is needed and do the work to change. Change isn't easy but staying the same is harder, trust me.

Luckily this week we have some super cool alignments that want to assist us with creating that new picture.

1. May 16th: Jupiter Enters Taurus

This is one of the bigger shifts this year! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so it will expand the themes of Taurus, making them more prevalent in our lives. Taurus themes are love, beauty, and money, we should all be excited about this shift, I will talk about this more in the live this week.

2. May 19th: Taurus New Moon

This new moon brings closure to that potent eclipse energy we have all been navigating. We walk into a new vibe and are asked to set new intentions with the new knowledge we have learned over the last month. It's time to plant new seeds and take a fresh look at the path ahead. There is a welcome relief that arrives with this new moon. It feels like we can get on with life again in a happier, more optimistic way.

This week, on Tuesday, May 16th, I will meet you live online to help you really understand the energy what's shifting here. The planets are gifting us for the work we have done through this eclipse season and we each deserve the magic that's available. It's got a bit serious lately and this week it's time to lighten up and focus on the things you love.

Love you,

Sarah xXx

If you would like to receive some more guidance about this week's energy, watch my Weekly Cosmic Forecast below.


Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;

Play Music

"Play some music today that lights up your soul. Music has the ability to change the way we feel in a moment. Put on your favourite happy song, sing and dance along." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.


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