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Sarah's work begins when a client makes a booking. It is from that point that an energy
connection is made and her magic begins. During the session Sarah likes to sit
and connect with her client. She channels information on the past
present and future and answers questions and gives guidance where it is needed.

Sarah then works on the body physically and energetically. Sarah will use
different techniques to complete the light work she is guided to do. This can
be a combination of many different techniques such as, hands on energy
activation, acupressure points, esoteric acupuncture, guided meditation,
clearings, past life healings and much more.
It is
here that
Sarah works on all levels of her client, physically mentally
emotionally and spiritually.

Each treatment is individual and unique.

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Via Phone Facetime or Skype

This is a remote light work session available worldwide. Sarah connects via Skype or telephone. She channels information on the past, present and future, answers questions and gives guidance where it is needed. For the following 30 mins after the call Sarah works energetically with her client. During this part of the session it is imperative that the client lay down quietly, alone, away from any distractions i.e. no phones TV etc. The energy received during this session is as powerful as it is in person with Sarah so it is imperative that the client follow Sarah's instructions.

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These are gathering Sarah holds each month all over Australia in major cities and all around the world.These gatherings can be profound and life changing. Healing, uplifting and energising are just a few words to describe the sessions. Sarah works her magic energetically, individually and with the group, Sarah channels information about different topics, opens for a few questions before activating powerful energy alignments  and guiding the  group through a meditation journey.

These gatherings are open to all who feel inclined to join in.

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These journeys are more than retreats. They are a sacred journey of your physical, emotional mental and energy body. A journey of love and connection to all that there really is. Come with me, I will support you, guide you, share with you until you reach the place I call home; freedom, joy, love ,truth, the divine, peace, harmony… home has so many names. From reaching this connection your life and you will change and become all that you really are. The time is now... this is it... you deserve this...  

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Sarah believes the longer you are in her energy field the better! In this all day gathering Sarah holds a high vibration space allowing each individual to be activated to the highest possible place spiritually that they are ready to reach. Each gathering is unique and Sarah is totally guided by her connection to what the day will cover. There is usually lots of talking, letting go of limitations, teaching ways of raising ones vibration, meditations, sharing and profound healings on all levels. The power of these groups is intense. Get ready to let go of anything that holds you back from all that is possible for you. Realise and connect with who you really are. Start living with passion and purpose and a live your life fearlessly, filled with happiness, joy, freedom, love and appreciation and all you desire.

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This is for the serious light seekers and those wanting and ready to raise their vibration and consciousness as high as it can possibly get in this life time. For those ready to start living the best possible version of self. Living in the flow and the power of creation. Sarah will stay with you over 3 days where ever you are in the world and teach you everything she knows and everything she can possibly fit in to 3 days. Sarah will work with you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. This is a fast track in the awakening process. This is an intense 3 days. Each day starting at 4:30am and finishing around 8pm. If you're truly ready to leave behind all your baggage and take the express light train to the life you want, Sarah will get you there.