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Sarah has dedicated her life to helping others. She has worked for the past 25 Years as a guide, life coach, speaker, healer and light worker.. She has studied a vast array of modalities with leading spiritual teachers around the world. Sarah believes everyone can live an incredible happy life regardless of their past and their story and she is an incredible example of her words and her teachings. Sarah's life has been far from a fairy tale but she understands that her past has been her evolution and she has a choice what the future looks like.



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Sarah's Energy Alignments help people discover a deep sense of purpose and direction and they leave with "lightness" and clarity. They have the opportunity to let go of their past and walk in freedom in to their future.


Sarah is described as a very kind, beautiful woman with a huge open heart. She is a profound healer and clear, light, intuitive soul coach to humanity at this time. She is a teacher, a channel, an author and a speaker. She is the mother of three children, who are her world. She smiles and laughs a lot and each day, she feels so extremely grateful and excited to be living her life. To have arrived at a place where she can see clearly now.
Her journey has taken her on many different adventures, high and low and Sarah understands now it's only through all of her experiences that she is able to help so many with her powerful energy, knowledge understanding and with such clear insight.


As a child, she experienced a very unordinary, unsettled and extreme lifestyle. This experience of living set her up for her to search for all the answers she needed, to find peace of mind and to find whatever it was she was looking for. Through her experiences both pleasant and unpleasant. Sarah finally realized that what really makes Sarah happy was not going to be found in a superficial world or a world full of old beliefs and negative behavioral patterns.
Sarah always had a fascination with the unknown, the spiritual world and the power of the mind. She knew that she wanted to help people yet at the same time wanted to fit in the western world she lived in. At thirteen, she was attending meditation classes and seeking help through spirit. Sarah grew up in a very haunted house, so seeing and feeling energies were part of life, many nights were spent asking the "ghosts" in her bedroom to leave her alone so she could sleep. Her official training started at sixteen, when she became a beauty therapist. When she began working with clients, it became apparent that she had natural healing ability and was nicknamed “magic hands”.
Sarah continued training and working. She struggled through her life between wanting to be a successful business woman living in a world of material success to wanting to go and live off grid in the  mountain, spending her time meditating in nature and healing. This extreme was Sarah's life in all area, the crazy party girl who loved all aspects of the party scene to the chi drinking yogi. 
She went from course to course, gathering knowledge and information; from job to job gaining a multitude of experiences. She went from country to country, longing to find what people called home. Sarah went in and out of relationships looking for the one. She saw an endless amount of different therapists. At many points in her life, many would have and said she has it all. In many areas, she did.
At seventeen, Sarah was managing a busy Hair and beauty Spa in Covent Garden in London completely responsible for the entire running of the spa and the team of around 10 staff members. At twenty through hard work, luck and fate, Sarah had moved to Monte Carlo and built a business working with the elite and famous. Sarah offered mobile beauty and healing services along the coast line from Monte Carlo to Cannes. Sarah could be found working with cast members of films during the Cannes film festival week and on board luxury yachts. Working with the drivers and team members during Grand prix time in Monaco. Working with mainly elite and famous clientele. Sarah and her assistant were the Main Contacts for the major Hotels in Monte Carlo so massaging on the Balcony of a suite in The Hotel d Paris or the Hermitage was again the norm.
Unexpectedly and very abruptly Sarah returned back to London at age 22 after what was one of the most terrifying events of her life. In a split second Sarah's world was turned upside down and over the next few years she began re building a new life in London walking the path of sobriety and the 12 steps.


Sarah had got caught up in a mess, in ego, and the material world, she was lost and lonely. She had worked so much on the outer layers of her personally and with clients, she now had no choice but to delve more into the internal world of the mind and soul. 10 years of absence from all mind altering substances gave Sarah a clarity she needed to get grounded and follow a deep spiritual journey. 

Sarah always kept a hand in the spiritual world, she had trained in Reiki, meditated for years and practiced healing treatments with clients but now was the time to learn more and go deeper.
She spent these years training alongside some of the world's best counselors, healers and addiction therapists learning everything she could about the human mind and emotions and connection to spirit. Sarah extended her spiritual work training in depth with the healing method of Reiki and Schiem becoming a master in 2 different forms. Sarah trained as a Montessori teacher too during this time and worked part time with children aged 3-6 as she loved the openness and awareness of little ones.
Life was good it felt more real with more meaning than ever before. She met a beautiful kind man and married into an aristocratic family and borne two children. Life was everything Sarah ever dreamed it could be. 
Sarah decided to put all of what she had learnt together in her work and start a small business from home, just from word of mouth..and in no time at all Sarah's small attic room that she was working from was not sufficient any longer and a house renovation started, the ground floor of her amazing home became Serenity Health and Beauty. She had numerous therapist working from naturopaths to beauty therapists to healers. Sarah covered the Beauty side for a large Holmes Place Health club in a London suburb. She ran healing workshops, taught Reiki to large groups. And had monthly spiritual nights where local readers, palmist all came and worked.
Sarah shared the care of her children with live-in nannies and Sarah and her husband lived quite separate lives both working hard and achieving well materially. A beautiful Georgian Period home, Private schools, Amazing Holidays, Live-in help the list goes on...Sadly the connection was lost and they went their separate ways in pursuit of different things.
This was a real time of change, Sarah knew the life she was living was not in alignment with her soul, but she knew she couldn’t make the changes she wanted to do that in the world she was living in. Sarah had spent the last 10 years in sobriety. In her search for clarity there had been no drinking, drug taking, caffeine, sugar, for nearly a decade. yet Sarah still felt lost. So she sold everything and packed her life into 10 boxes and took her children to another country. She set up home in a small village in a very basic country, she had learnt now how possessions and attachments could bog down a person’s life. Her life was tied up with so many things to do and achieve that she had forgotten again to take a moment to enjoy and see what really matters.
She lived in a small fishing village on a island in an apartment spending time with her little boys, enjoying the simple things in life. The beach and the mountains were her sanctuaries. Sarah learnt a lot about herself during this time, there was a lot of reflection and growth. Yet Sarah craved excitement and the chaos she had been used too, she missed the busyness, the material world and soon created a life there in that small village that was full again of busy people,excitement, big egos and a lavish crazy life.
Sarah's upbringing was chaos so this is where she felt safe amidst drama and chaos. In her heart she wanted to change this, to be more at peace yet she was still searching outside for ways to fix this. Her programming was so installed that still this is where she always deferred back to, even after all the training and the work she had done. Growing up in a home of addiction and alcoholism Sarah had learnt no middle ground, it was all or nothing. Up and down. On or off.
So, another love, another country move. Running this time away from a life rapped up with the mafia.This time to the other side of the world, Australia. In 2007 in true Sarah style, within 3 months of meeting a lovely young handsome man, Sarah was married and moving again. Loving the adventure of life, the freedom, and new love.
Little did Sarah know this would be the start of the hardest yet most profound journey she would ever take.
The learning really began. New life, new country, new relationship, no support, no family, no friends. “What have I done”, she thought on numerous occasions. Every security blanket she had ever fallen upon was no longer there.
So many high points .Living in paradise, living the dream. The blessing of the most precious gift of a daughter. Yet so many low points of loneliness and fear and despair.
This is where Sarah's work really began. Head down now, Sarah had no choice but to put into practice everything she had learnt. She knew she couldn't keep running away. She remembered all the therapists, the healers, the teachers, the guides she had seen and worked with and what they had shown and taught her. Within time and a lot of self reflection she began to feel like the person she really was and is. She had to break down all those walls and get really raw to be able to find out who she really was. She had to face all her fears and demons to be able to release them.
Sarah felt like parts of her were dying at times and they were. She understands now these were the parts she no longer needed. She faced betrayal, abandonment, loss of loved ones, financial loss, health issues and heartbreak like she had never faced before. The ones she thought she could really count on in life, the ones she thought had her back let her down in ways she will never understand but she excepted.
She didn't numb the pain either with running away, or hiding behind an ego, or a drink, or a drug or a bar of chocolate. She had no family to lean on or support her. She took it all in. She looked at her role, broke down her layers. She let go, she let go of needing to be right, needing to be heard, needing to be seen. Needing to be someone. Sarah realized it was all just a process of letting go of everything she no longer needed. She cried until the tears stopped and she allowed herself to feel each emotion as it came and went. Sarah stopped looking outside of herself and truly went within.
Sarah's work over this time became clearer and clearer she now knew why she had learnt so many different techniques and programs in so many different modalities. She had fallen back on so many for her own personal use and now understood their value and importance in healing.
At last Her life felt so much better like she had finally stopped running and found “Sarah". The real Sarah. In this new frame of mind and altered attitude, She became the happiest she had ever been and it extended to her children, who were also much happier. She started writing again and putting everything she now knew together.
Sarah understands that some life lessons can be traumatic and heart breaking and very frightening, but she also knows that these lessons can be our biggest blessings. They are the breaking down of everything on the outside, the ego some call it. They happen to help reveal the true self and it is only when we have found that self that we find the happiness, joy, and love we have always been searching for.

Sarah also believes now it's possible to have balance and you can have everything you desire. You can be spiritual in a world of abundance. In fact abundance is when you are at your best spiritually as you are allowing the flow in. There is grey now, in-between the black and white and it is pretty dam shiny.
You can have, be, whatever you want she says.
Life these days is amazing, in reflection Sarah says she wouldn't change any of her past has brought her to this point. And as hard as some of the times were, that's where she grew and learnt to let go and really start living and enjoying life.


Sarah now shares her life with a divine man and her beautiful children. Travelling the world sharing everything she has learnt to help others find the clarity, understanding and joy she knows is available to everyone, regardless of their story.




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