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- Noosa Hinterland -


Who wants to come away with Me on a journey for the mind, body, and soul?

16th-19th February 2023

This is more than a retreat, this is a sacred journey of your physical, emotional, mental, and energy body. 


We will go deep into the beauty of nature to connect together and remember the magic of our being. 


We will stop, we will release, we will reset, we will reignite, and we will rise. 


If you are ready to take this journey with me, then I am ready to lead the way for you. 

23rd - 28th May 2023

This is more than a retreat this is a sacred journey of your physical, emotional mental and energy body. This is a journey of love and connection to all that there really is. Come with us, we will support you, guide you, share with you until we reach the place I call home; freedom, joy, love ,truth, the divine, peace, harmony… home has so many names from reaching this connection your life and you ...will change and become all that you really are. The time is now... this is it... you deserve this...  



For five days and five nights we will journey one of the most sacred paths I see available to us at this time.


Externally and Internally.