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About the sessions

These powerful sessions are more than just a meditation... Sarah does deep soul work with the group and individually. Every time you attend a session you will receive exactly what is meant for you and each time will be very different.

You will receive a total 


Energy Alignment 
Meditation Sessions 
 Sarah holds Energy and Alignment Sessions every month in Australia,
on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
And tours internationally to different locations every year.
These sessions are deep and powerful activations.
Sarah works energetically with the group, and individually with each participant.
Sarah channels information about different topics, gives teachings and helps the group with specific intensional focused work.
The Energetic meditation experience that follows Sarah's teaching is described as an energy alignment. 
A shift in vibration and awareness, a lift, clarity, 
Realisations, awakenings, activations, healing's are all possible and described regularly by participants.
. These session are open to everyone. 
"My first ever group meditation and it was fabulous. I'm now hooked! I truly feel that I was in the presence of a Light Worker" Micha Pearson

Are you ready to stop surviving and start thriving...

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