A Simple Life Reminder

For a while now I have been thinking it’s about time I did a cleanse …a detox …For many my diet and life style is great , 2o years a Vegetarian ,green smoothie’s daily , regular exercise …But for me I felt it was time .I have been enjoying coffee on a daily basis and struggling to get up in the dark to go for a run.

So each day I have been thinking about some type of detox , re charge …believing that I will when the time is right …Then commitments and life take over …and the coffee tastes good.

Life to has been very busy and challenging at times over the past few months as it has for many. So after getting sick early in the year with a terrible chest and throat infection I knew I had to make some changes. I know that when our physical body starts showing symptoms it is a wake up call.

PRACTICE WHAT I PRECH … are the words that came to my head quite regularly.

It’s just so easy to get down with life’s challenges and lessons ,to take things personally ,to talk about what we don’t want rather than what we do… to get stuck in our stuff ….and yes I am human too and guilty of this, but luckily I have the insight and awareness to know that is not a place I need to stay and live my life from and thankfully these times pass quickly without me becoming too stuck.

So lately I have been focusing on all of the good in my life …and guess what more good has come. I have been visualising things I want to change , and things are shifting. I am smiling more and in return I have more to smile about .Each day I am practicing gratitude and seeing my gratitude list growing. I am taking things lightly and life is lightening up .. I am practicing not becoming too attached to anything which is such a relief … I am making a conscious effort to be happy and light and enjoy my adventure. I could go on and on ….But I just wanted to remind you it is all just a choice .Like me you have a choice and trust me life is so much more enjoyable if we choose to lighten up.

We sometimes can’t change our circumstances immediately , but we can view them differently . We can’t change people but we can see them differently .We can’t change the past but we can let it go and live in the present.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

Our energy vibration too is effected dependent upon our emotional state and the law of attraction bring to us on the level we are vibrating from ,so even more reason to live on the light side.