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End of 2015

Thank goodness 2015 has come to end is all I can say really !!! I think we can say it was definitely a year of spiritual purging for so many . As the veil between the physical and the spiritual realm continues to lift and we continue to make our transition up to new levels of awareness we can see and feel everything so much clearer.... The voice of one's soul is getting so much louder and the trust in that deep inner knowledge is deepening. That which we could ignore in the past is now impossible to turn away from and as painful as many of the transitions have been through these times, the realisations that have occurred have been profound and the most growth that I have seen and felt in centuries ... So worth every tear and worth every step that has been taken. The good news is you will never look back. The light that is coming to you is so bright and clear your heart will be singing songs to you that will make every cell in your body dance with joy. Your outer world will reflect that dance too. This is a vision i see for all ... There is this mountain we all must climb's part of the journey of life ... Some stumble and fall at the first rocky part ...they give up ...they talk about how hard it looks and that's where they stay till next time Some keep going enjoying the adventure Some jump half way On that journey there is many different terrains some beautiful , calm lakes and scented flowers summer days and at other times its rocky dangerous and bitter and cold ... It's all part of the journey ...everyone's mountain is different depend on the souls lessons , beliefs and desires. At the top of the mountain is your temple of peace , joy and connection ...the temple of love .You could call it the gateway to the heart .A connection to the divine , to self ... I see a temple with candles and wonderful smells and a feeling of totally connection to everything and real unconditional love ...where your highest guides are waiting for you ... but .... You can't take anything dark to the temple has no place there Envy Hate Resent Anger Revenge fear etc will not allow you in .. So you see, the journey up the mountain is a process that helps you to realise anything dark that you are carrying so that you can see it own it and then hopefully heal it and release it ... It's not a process of torture and a place to sit and stop's all part of the journey to the temple... The last bit at the top of that mountain is always the trickiest, so near but so far ,,,too tired ,,,can't do another step ...too sad...but this is not a place to give up . Once you reach the top you will feel the freedom in the air you will feel the relief, the pure joy. The top of that mountain is where many are arriving this year ...and this new year is all about exploring the top of the mountain and the spending time in that beautiful temple... That's what these last years have been about... And I must say it's beautiful at the top , nothing matters like it used to ...there is no doubt, there is a real inner knowing that everything is just perfect...inner peace and serenity and love. Its where everything comes together with understanding and appreciation and gratitude ...its where the real magic happens...! So during these last few days of 2015 please acknowledge this journey and what it means to you ...Be excited for the new year and please dream big. You deserve what your heart and soul truly desire. In love and light, Sarah x

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