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To my tribe , I feel its important to give you a heads up on what is coming up over the next few weeks as we have some real big astro energy happenings going on .I personally love to know what coming so I can be as prepared as possible, its also important during these times we know, we are all in this together . Our story's may not be the same but the feelings , the emotions are and together as I always say, we are stronger , we are here to support one another. So Its eclipse season.... Boom ! This will be intense, but a relief all at the same time. Its been crappy over the last four years to say the least, that 2012 shift threw so many of us off track ,exactly what it was supposed to do .For years before 2012 I was so nervous of what would happen be honest it was part of the reason I moved to Australia ,as I could see this huge wave coming and the human part of me interrupted that in to a physical wave ..So I tracked researched as much as I possibility could , I found maps that informed me that Australia was going to be safe ...Funny now when I look in reflection and knowing what I now know , was that the water I saw, was emotions was an emotional wave, that yes, came crashing like nothing I had ever experienced before. Blew down my and many others Wendy house and everything inside it ! Then the past four years, they have been the consequence of that ...Australia got hit just like everywhere else ! It was global ,in fact universal. Have a think about how your life changed around December 2012. Life hasn't been the same since that shift...and I see now,that it cant be ,as that wave of conscious / emotions was huge, it smashed us all in to higher spaces and places on an emotion ,spiritual and mentally level, our physical is just catching up .Imagine after a tidal wave hits ...the chaos ...the clean up ....could it ever be back to how it was before ....Never ! Does that mean it wont be as good as before , not at all .The rebuilding is often much better as a result ,more up to date with the times . So any ways I see the time now is just getting over that. There is a little bit more of cleaning up over the next few weeks and then its onwards and upwards if that's what you choose .Finally we will be able to leave all that behind us and move on ..Or its a place to stay ..and talk about the story for the rest of this life you got smashed ...lost what you had ...blar blar . I know my tribe will be coming with me and we will enjoy the long awaited new space and reality and explore the gifts and what's now available. Another way to describe this last few years is as if we are just being let out of jail, where we have just spent the last 4 years, we sat dying for release and change but our time wasn't up. it was dark, lonely and frightening at times, but we couldn't escape had to sit in it and learn to except the time ... That's what this whole shift was about, all that it was meant to do ... it hasn't been easy , I know many of us felt like we were dying in that period inside were ...because they had to , to get to this next place. But guess what, the doors to this new space have just opened fully we are now able to move forward. These next few weeks are just clearing the last last bits up. Some say the new doors were opened immediately after 2012 but I disagree , the doors where there but they were not open enough to move through , it was a tease sometimes, as new beginnings were there, but we couldn't get to them or walk through .. But now we can ... If that's what we choose ...Be prepared its going to be a little scary at first, imagine those first steps walking out from the jail ...freedom, light ,excitement ...but you gotta be tuff ...embrace the new,be fearless and leave the old story behind. So its ok if over the next few weeks you feel a bit off , this is big ...just keep walking and be tuff ! Key dates that are creating these openings are the lunar and solar eclipse that are happening August 18th September 1st and 16th September. A lunar eclipse is all about letting go of the past ,purging.A solar eclipse is creating,creating new realities. The eclipse themes are relevant to the planets they are close to ..that's about all I know astrologically. Energetically I know its big. Some call eclipse ,portals ,where we can really shift in to a new life a new reality . I believe that, it feels right. The themes of these up and coming eclipse are August 18th... LOVE ...I CAN FINALLY LOVE AGAIN ...are the words I hear. Sept 1st ....LIFE DECISIONS ...this is the day you choose which path your going to take. Will you pick the life you want, will you walk through the door ....SEPT 16TH ...TOTALLY LET GO OF THE PAST 4 YEARS ..THE NEW BEGINING. Everything can start to fall in to place ...if you choose to totally let go now. Be easy on your self for the last part of September .Let the energy settle after this intense eclipse cycle. As from October 1 st you can run confidently, in the new space and new time , if that's what you choose. I WILL BE HOLDING SPACE AND RUNNING ENERGY EVENINGS TO SUPPORT AS MANY AS I CAN THROUGH THESE AMAZING TIMES SO IF YOU CAN AND FEEL DRAWN TO, I WILL SEE YOU OVER THE COMING WEEKS. Love and blessings, Sarah xXx

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