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Stand to attention!!! And MARCH...

Hummm no not really, that's not our style tribe, but we do have lots to do this month. Yes, March is definitely a busy month, heaps happening but lets be cool, we don’t need to march, we can walk and enjoy the journey, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the ride. We have a Full moon in Virgo on the 13th .The focus around this moon is getting organised, decluttering and improving health, especially around food and eating habits. Then the biggest energetic time of the month falls on and around the 20th when we have the yearly Autumn Equinox. This is a powerful time and we will tune in to this energy on the sunshine coast. A night not to be missed..There will be some huge activation and shifts happening, I can feel them already! The new moon falls on the 28th of the month and I have chosen to work in the city(Brisbane) for this night, its pretty special too ...Its in Aries and like a astrological new year. A second chance to connect with any new years resolutions that haven’t quite happened with the advantage of the total support from the universe. We will have fun creating in this energy for sure! Remembering this is a 1 year and we are 3 months in ...NOW is the time to get clear and on path, now is the time to put in the work of creation, do not wait, you will be left behind with another chapter of the same old story to tell and how utterly boring would that be.

You have multiple opportunities this month to be writing the new book, Creating the life you want. what do you want your future life to look like ????? Start there....a new book title ...chapter 1 .....

Retreat News

If you have been following the Facebook page you will know I'm running with the energy at present, it's so supporting and exciting. I've just got back from the Bali jungle and am now working on the final retreat details ( well Brian is ;) It's going to be insane !!! What I can confirm is it's October 20th 2017 for 7 days 6 nights. We will journey the most sacred path I can see available to us at this time , externally and internally. Words can't really describe the space we will go to and the shifts that will occur. It leaves me Speechless... feel in to it and you will know what I mean ... Those that know me, also know this will be done in the total comfort and Luxury... I like the nice thing in life and feel we all deserve them !!! If you feel drawn to come then COME !!!! Mark it in your diary, email Brian your contact details and make it happen.

European tour

The European tour is coming together wonderfully too. Dates are set for Ibiza and Mykonos so far,it will be awesome to work on that side of the world again. Spreading the light as far as I can and am guided to :)

March Dates



April dates

  • 4th April kids meditation 5-6 pm

  • 4th April women's group

  • 10th April Sunshine Coast meditation evening

  • 11th April Brisbane meditation evening.

So MARCH if you really HAVE too, just please don't stop creating and walking into the future you want. See you soon for some fun... Love always, Sarah Xxx

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