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Energy Enlightenment 31.7.17

Things are moving and grooving, life is what ever your manifesting it to be.... A fairytale, a drama, a comedy, a thriller, a nightmare... What are you creating ...??? Remember you can change the script at any time. We are in powerful times as I keep saying.

Eclipse season has begun and the 8.8.8 lions gateway is open, I will explain more about this next week as it reaches its pinnacle. My advice this week - Don't get distracted with outside influences Everyone has their own path Stay on yours. Don't look at others and compare and judge. This is just wasting your precious time Be happy for those that you perceive are more fortunate, have compassion for those you perceive as less fortunate. It's all just your perception anyway. We are all on our individual journeys Have faith in yours,that you are exactly where you are meant to be ... right now Trust .. Enjoy the journey, Yes enjoy each step, The magic is in the creating ...the journey is the magic ,not the destination ...because honestly ... your never going to get there ... and it's never going to be done .... Think about that this week !

News from the European Tour

Ibiza was absolutely magical. The energy of the island was incredible.

The session I ran had over 40 online attendants, tourists visiting the island, locals, and some of the old crew,it was just amazing, extremely powerful and intense. The venue was beautiful and I will definitely be back. A little/big Secret ... I spent lots of time preparing for a Sarah Louise Sacred retreat Which will be in held in Ibiza 2018 !!! Can't wait to return.

On route now to Greece, let the next stage of the adventure begin.

Due to much demand I will be adding 2 sessions in London. These will be between 9th - 14th August. Thank you for your messages and requests - I'm always open to your suggestions and ideas. I will post full details over the next week.

Stay in the light, Enjoy the ride,

Love always,

Sarah xXx

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