August - Best Month So Far - Here's Why...!

Boom !!!

What a massive month August will be...

Some are calling August the BEST month of the year... Here's why... We have heaps of planetary activity creating some amazing energy and some real opportunity is FINALLY here, if you want it ? And...If you're brave enough to step out of old patterns (that are totally out worn and don’t serve you anyway). Yes time to let go of the old security blankets that you have outgrown and take all opportunities as they arrive.This is a month of re-direction and making dreams come true. PLEASE DON’T WASTE THIS ENERGY…

Trust and walk in strength, freedom and the newness of the world you are creating. Its time..

We have some big dates this month:

On the 8/8 We have a full moon, partial lunar eclipse all in conjunction with the 8/8 opening of the lions gateway… This is going to be huge.

You will feel this shift beginning on the 7/8 .

Its time to let go of the old, the past, its about being honest with yourself and others and walking as your true authentic self.

Old meets new weither you like it or not.

Then the opening of the gateway… this is leading you into

A NEW LEVEL OF EVOLUTION... If your ready.

There is an opportunity here to reboot the system and begin the new cycle with more clarity and purpose and a deeper connection to the divine.

Its truely an amazing time for all.

Then we have 21/22nd new moon eclipse, yes you guessed it eclipse season is here again. This is probably the most dr