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Energy Enlightenment 17.7.17

What a huge week we have coming up.. One of the biggest weeks of this year really…

You will have the chance to take a huge step in your evolution. Its the end of a life cycle, followed by a period of reset before the start of a totally new cycle.

Let me explain.

Following the moon cycles - our universal calendar, which is what the Mayan calendar is based on, this week is the end of the 13 moons - 28 day cycle. This cycle has 364 days …It ends on July the 24th - Monday

Tuesday 25th is not part of the cycle and is known as A DAY OUT OF TIME - Its the reset day A day to be in timeless freedom. A opportunity to just be!

I recommend on this day you spend some time in reflection and in creation. You are about to start a new yearly cycle. You create your reality with your thoughts so spend some time directing your thoughts in the direction of your desires. You are your creator. Sit in this awareness… Be clear. Let go of everything on this day that you don’t choose to take with you into this next cycle. Visualise.. Do what you need to do, Say what you need to say. Leave all that old stuff here. Because tomorrow… Wow !!!!

Wednesday 26th is the Planetary New Year The planets celebrate this day by shinning the brightest star for us - Sirius. We have the most amazing energy available to us on this day, there is immense light, openings and a chance to accelerate in our evolution - all supported by the universe . One of the best planetary days of the year!!!!

The rest of the week… Enjoy it Stay light Shine bright

Your universe wants you to have and do what ever you want and is supporting you, stand in this awareness this week, conscious of where you want to go and who you want to be.

Happy New Year , Happy New You!

I have been guided to spend this week in Ibiza

Yes I am now on my My European Tour - and loving it, the energy here is amazing.

Ibiza is notorious for its party culture, I believe due to the fact its an extremely spiritual land. It has an amazing vibe over the whole island and I believe that stems from - Es Vedra, a rock that sits in the ocean just off the islands coast. This is the third most magnetic spot on the planet. The myth says the rock was used to build the pyramids. That this rock is actually the tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis .

The energy here is recored by many to be positive, inspiring and deeply Healing…!

No wonder why I was called to be here during this week.

Sending much love and light around the planet.

Love Always

Sarah xXx

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