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September Spring Equinox Ritual

Want to have a great day everyday? Then read on...this will take you just a few mins each morning.

1: On waking up, stay in bed for a few minutes extra,

Don't reach for your phone.

Instead, imagine that there is a beautiful bright light coming down from the sky, the universe,right down pouring into your crown at the top of your head filling your body with divine white light. Expand the white light out into a bubble all around you it should take you a few seconds.

2: Afirm out loud.


3: Think of one thing that you appreciate.

For example. I appreciate the love in my life.

Write it down or say out loud.

4: Instead of reaching for a coffee or tea as your first drink of the day

Start your day with fresh lemon water, make it warm and not cold not hot, warm is better for our system. Lemons are in season and in plenty.

These simple steps work on all levels and will make a difference to your day, your world , your life.

Happy September xXx

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