Weekly Enlightenment 25-9-17

Please Energy can you just lighten up this week and stay that way…. Just for at least a few breaths???

Yes, the Equinox shifted some of that real heavy energy…Thank goodness, a new light and energy came in.

It all felt really exciting, supporting new beginnings and freshness.

But underlying there was and is, still some weirdness and uncertainly hanging around which has not completely shifted.

I’ve realized …

It’s not going to go quite yet, that it is the energy of now,

So maybe we have to change, yes again.

If we want to feel good that is, in the now.

Maybe we have to start really looking at things in a different way.

May be …Just may be, its exciting not knowing everything.

Not feeling in control of everything.

In this uncertainty, we are learning to be so open and free, learning so much about ourselves.

What we truly want and desire.

It’s funny times we are in, there is so much going on, on so many levels.