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Weekly Enlightenment 16-10-17

Dare I say this week feels pretty clear …Good even…. Like calm with direction.

Things coming together, things feeling positive, things feeling on track…

Yes tribe, this week looks and feels good!

Last week was pretty crazy, quite overwhelming and disjointed at times but I feel the shift began on 10-10 and its just been getting better from there on.

The future seems to be getting some clarity around it.

Your learning what your true self wants and needs and you’re not afraid to show it.

Its either YES or NO all the pondering and maybes seem to be going.

Feels like we got some energy back to this week thank goodness.

We have a beautiful soft new moon coming on Friday, it feels gentle, it brings harmony and balance to us making the end of the week feel really lovely.

My Advice this week:

Enjoy the clarity and the calm,

Stay light and shine bright,

Love Sarah xXx

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