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Weekly Enlightenment 9-10-17

Hey Tribe,

We are in a new moon cycle. It does feel clearer this week. Like you are really beginning to know what you truly want. You also know you have to do things differently to have different outcomes. You are clearly defining how you want your life to be, there is so much going on it can feel slightly over whelming. Old doors are closing. Old patterns are wearing out.


But tribe, remember you are laying down foundations this year. Setting you up for the next 9 years! You wanted more, you wanted change. Here it comes. Don’t get scared now! Stay focused on your big picture. How you want your life to be.

My advice this week Step up. Go to what makes you happy …stay there. Be fearless. Put your big girl/boy pants on when you need to and keep going. Don’t freak out. Look at the new doors that are opening. Trust that everything is falling perfectly in to place as you have asked for, even when you can’t see it, just yet …. just trust!

An amazing aspect coming in this week is our 10:10 energy … Read more about that in the event page here.

Yes, Tuesday and Friday this week you have the opportunity to really flick some internal switches to get exactly where you want to go.

Events: Sunshine Coast -Tuesday10th 630-8pm Brisbane -Friday -13th 630-8pm

See you then.

Love always,

Sarah xXx

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