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Weekly Enlightenment 23.10.17

What can I say this week other than…?


This energy this week is either amazing and supportive in your expansion or it’s sitting in a fear bubble that will soon burst and not sure where that will leave you. It feels a bit harsh and a bit extreme like … You’re a scared looser or You’re a strong leader STEP UP OR STEP AWAY Yep… So, I ask you …What you going to do? It’s all your choice… We are in total creation energy right NOW …this won’t last for much longer…Yep time is limited in this space. It’s time to be creating your future with total support of the universe. You can have what you desire…BUT you have to put the work in NOW What steps will you take this week to walk towards your goals???

My advice: Stop making Excuses Stop avoiding Get over you Get over your issues Get over your fear

This is the time of expansion, time to grab life and go for everything you have ever dreamed of and desire. Make the changes that need to be made.

Trust me please and just Go for it, time is limited.

Imagine this…

There is this amazing ship just pulled in to the port. You have dreamed of what it may be like on board a ship like this. You have been given a ticket to go on board and experience the trip of a lifetime.

What will you do???

Be frigging excited, go and get everything you need, pack, repack ..because your so excited. Take some extra cash for some luxuries that you feel you deserve and will allow yourself. Dream of who you may meet, the fun it will be ….Get yourself totally ready for departure date.


Sit in fear of you don’t know about this ship. Is it safe? What if the waters get rough. You think of all the things that could be wrong. The food might be bad. The company might not suit. Worry you don’t really have the money to spend. Feel bad.

Well the ship will be leaving soon and you’re going to either be on it or not.


Love Always,

Sarah XxX

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