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Weekly Enlightenment 27.11.17

Weekly Enlightenment 27.11.17

So you got your rest last week…

This week its on ….Yes its on!


This week is huge, its major, on so many levels.

This is the week to get on top of everything and anything

It’s a week of being clear with where you are going. Finalising projects, wrapping things up because you know what …

The boat I have talked about for the last few months is leaving port. Yes, its leaving in Thursday night and you are either on board or not.

This week may feel heavy at times. It may feel like a rush. There is a lot to do.

But remember you are writing your future, you are laying down massive foundations here that will last for years to come.

You are hopefully about to step on board a boat that will take you to a whole new place and space. More about that new place next week.

Remember too, we are in the cloud of darkness too right now which is heightening lots of your shadows. Remember this is gift and giving you the opportunity to really shift some old patterning beliefs and programme that you have so out grown. Darkness leaves on Wednesday, just before the boat thank goodness. Can’t be taking that on the new trip.

So, tribe, get with the groove this week.

Do the work that needs to be done on every level. You know what this means for you.

Last call, last call, boat leaves Thursday night …


If you don’t feel ready to catch the boat its ok, if your still unsure about what you want and where you’re going, its ok. Sit back relax and watch everyone else board and hope that the boat comes back around for you again in this life time.

Yes, it’s like that.

I will speak more about this on the Face book Live Weekly Enlightenment this morning and in depth on Friday on the 1st December.

Sending you much love and light and many blessings,

Sarah xXx

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