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December - You got the love I need to see me through

So, its December, and that brings us nearly to the end of this year, 2017.

That means its also the beginning of a new year and, a new season. Summer, if you’re in the Sothern hemisphere like me.

Endings and Beginnings is one of the main themes through December. As well as relationships and LOVE, yes about time the focus was on LOVE!

Its definetly a easier month than November energetically. That was just heaps of letting go . Now we are in a new space all on board for a new adventure. I would love to say its all easy now, but thats up to you. Depends on choices you make and where you let your head go. The potential now for an easy great time is there though! It will be a bit like this ... Light and heavy. New and old. Up and down.

It’s a time of year that the light and the shadow are really amplified.

Its summer, its heating up, its brighter, its lighter.

It can be an incredibly wonderful time of holidays and celebrations.

And it can also be a time of real deep loneliness, sadness and pain.

A time of kindness and generosity and sharing.

And it can be a time of lack, guilt, shame and rejection.

Even if not Christians most celebrate Christmas and this can be such an intense time on so many levels.

My advice, try not to get consumed with what doesn’t feel good, try not to keep up with the JONES’S, who are they anyway and who really knows if they are really happy.

Keep in balance, stay on track. You have put in some hard work over the last few months don’t blow out now.

Enjoy the energy of the new season.

Life is a party, if you continue on your path of creation. It won’t just be this time of year that you celebrate and or party, it is every day.

Stay balanced.

Stay true to you.

Appreciate how far you have come this year.

We still have a few weeks left in this 1 energy so keep focused and working with it.

At the beginning of the year I spoke a lot about this being a 1 year, the year of creation, laying down of foundations, foundations that would set you up for the next nine years.

Carry on working on these right through this month, it’s the last month to utilise that energy, as we go in to 2018 the energy really shifts into to a slower pace, focused on harmony, stability and balance. Very different to now.

Numerology for December Is 12

12 signifies completion. So how perfect to fall in that last month of our year.

December is a month of 'letting go of the old' and 'looking ahead to the new'.

This can be on both small and large scales, and it can/will affect all facets of life including family relationships, partnerships, financials, and careers. If anything has been bothering you these last few weeks (months, years …), December is a great time to deal with the issue and be done with them once and for all.

December holds the energy of 1,2 and 3. New beginnings, balance and communication are the keys here.

In Numerology as you know when we experience repeating number patterns it brings meaning and influence.

This month we have 12-12-

This combination is an intriguing mix because the energy of the 1 is focused  on you—your independence and individuality. While the energy of the 2 brings in the need and desire for partnership, connection, and unity.

The numerology of 12/12 offers the energy to contemplate and make solid changes with how you show up for your relationships, even if you’re resistant to making changes in this area, this number combination will force your hand – remember this is all for the better in the long run.

The numerology of 12/12 also offers a new start in some sort of relationship—or relationships—in your life. Business, intimate, family, or friends.

12/12 is bringing  a frequency of change that focuses on relationships in all areas.

I have chosen to work on and around this date for my Energy Alignment Sessions this month as the energy feels extremely powerful for relationships and love.

And I love, LOVE!

It's now time to connect and align to the Love and light that you deserve.

If your single and wanting a relationship don’t miss this alignment. If you’re in a relationship or somewhere in the middle don’t miss this alignment.

Make your relationship the best it can be…I mean isn’t that one of the main reasons we are here being human?? To have relationships and to love!!!


Brisbane Monday 11th December at 630-8pm

Sunshine Coast Tuesday 12th December at 630-8 pm


Full Moon 4th December in Gemini

Fun and light-hearted energy comes with this full moon which is perfect for this time of year. It feels good to relax to be open and roll with festive time of year. Venus also adds a carefree vibe to make this time easy as!

New moon 18TH December In Sagittarius

Tradition and rituals are supported be this new moon, just in time for the summer solstice. Lucky in some ways Saturn is hanging around which will help with any excess. This is a good time to set healthy limits on all levels. Quality not quantity is your moto now


Friday 22nd At 1:58am

A High light of this month is most defiantly the summer solstices. I love this date.

It’s a time of celebration, a day to connect to the divine light, to honor the sun and all that she gives to us.

For those on the Sunshine Coast I will be at Alexandra Headlands on Friday 22nd December at 4:15am if you would like to join me (Just turn up)

We will sit in quiet meditation and absorb the first light of the day, and as the sun rises we will rise on every level in every way.

What a great month we have in front of us.


I am working with private sessions on the sunshine coast up until Monday 18th December if you would like a booking send a message or book through the website.


I will be taking skype bookings over the holiday period as I know this can be a tricky time for many.


I have gift Vouchers available for that Christmas present.


Now this is a bit exciting ….

I will be running a workshop on 13th January on the Sunshine Coast to make sure that 2018 is the best year ever!!! This will be for a small group only as I want to keep the workshop personal and on the deep level I always work from. Book in now if you feel this is what you need to make that shift and....Consciously create 2018 with me ….!!!!

And now even more exciting …..


Yes, You can consciously create 2018 at home, following my guidance and support.

Click here for more details. NEXT MONTH... I will be all over Australia monthy as from January. If you have family and friend that you feel would benefit from my work. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD


Sunshine Coast – 2nd January

Brisbane – 9th January

Sydney – 16th January

Melbourne – 23rd January

I also have private sessions available through January at all the event destinations.


Many of you know, but for those that don’t, I'm getting with the groove and regularly posting on face book and Instagram.

I've shifted some of my writing to sharing my message through video and speaking live on face book.

This seems to be a great way to reach more of our tribe.

In just 4 weeks views have gone from 800 to 8000 which is fantastic, so beautiful to know my messages are being heard and shared.

Remember we are all in this together.

So many amazing things happening,

Love always,

Sarah xxx

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