December - You got the love I need to see me through

So, its December, and that brings us nearly to the end of this year, 2017.

That means its also the beginning of a new year and, a new season. Summer, if you’re in the Sothern hemisphere like me.

Endings and Beginnings is one of the main themes through December. As well as relationships and LOVE, yes about time the focus was on LOVE!

Its definetly a easier month than November energetically. That was just heaps of letting go . Now we are in a new space all on board for a new adventure. I would love to say its all easy now, but thats up to you. Depends on choices you make and where you let your head go. The potential now for an easy great time is there though! It will be a bit like this ... Light and heavy. New and old. Up and down.

It’s a time of year that the light and the shadow are really amplified.

Its summer, its heating up, its brighter, its lighter.

It can be an incredibly wonderful time of holidays and celebrations.

And it can also be a time of real deep loneliness, sadness and pain.

A time of kindness and generosity and sharing.

And it can be a time of lack, guilt, shame and rejection.

Even if not Christians most celebrate Christmas and this can be such an intense time on so many levels.

My advice, try not to get consumed with what doesn’t feel good, try not to keep up with the JONES’S, who are they anyway and who really knows if they are really happy.

Keep in balance, stay on track. You have put in some hard work over the last few months don’t blow out now.

Enjoy the energy of the new season.

Life is a party, if you continue on your path of creation. It won’t just be this time of year that you celebrate and or party, it is every day.

Stay balanced.

Stay true to you.

Appreciate how far you have come this year.

We still have a few weeks left in this 1 energy so keep focused and working with it.