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Weekly Enlightenment 29.1.18

What a massive week we have coming up!!!

Feels like at times we can literary feel the earth shaking beneath our feet. (I hope I’m not talking literally here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this week the earth tremors are high with volcanic reactions or wild weather)

This is thanks to the SUPER FULL BLOOD BLUE MOON – FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE On Wednesday, the 31st Jan .

What a way to see out this massive month.

Yes, January leaves with an explosion!!!!

How crazy January has been, it started on a super moon and finishes on an even more powerful super moon.

This energy of Wednesday has been building up over the last few days , so don’t be surprised if you feel a little unsettled.

The last time we had a moon-eclipse like this was over 150 years ago so hear me when I say its big.

What does this mean for you…

Its shake up time…Time to release all that is not in alignment with you and your journey.

What you need to remember is that the energy is working for you, with you, and in your best interest. So, whatever is shaken up and released is great …Even if sometimes at the time, it leaves you a little shaken up and unsure…soon you will see the benefits and understand.

How are you going to travel the easiest through this week?

Stay grounded, Release negativity, Look after you, Stay clear – Limit mind altering substances, Stay focus on your big picture, Don’t look too deep in to things, Stay light, Love you more, Nurture you, Spend some time in nature, Let go, Trust your universe, Surrender your will.

On Wednesday night, I suggest everyone do some form of full moon releasing ritual.

This can be as simple as writing a list off all the things you want to release (emotions, behaviours, memories, relationships etc.) and burning it. I would recommend doing this in the evening in the moon light.

You may also use this energy to clear your crystals, Energise water for cleansing, Or anything you feel drawn to.

It’s a big week, these are not just little things happening in the universe. These shifts are massive and have life altering effects for everyone – dependent on where this moon falls in your birth chart is where you will feel the pressure and shifts the most.

Sending you much love and many blessings, See you on the other side of this week, See you in February.

Sarah xXx

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