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Go with the flow - Weekly Enlightenment 19.2.18

Blessings Tribe,

Well how super crazy was that eclipse period!!!

Eclipse chaos is over now for a while… the doors have been opened that needed to be.

This week may feel like a recovery week from all that busy energy we have been in.

My advice


Just go with the flow

See what comes up

Stay positive

Get lots of sleep

If you allow, things WILL come together, be calm and just allow things to develop organically and naturally.

Life is all about learning as we go, and this is new ground we are walking on…its early days!

It feels like we are in cruise control now after a few weeks of speeding nonstop.

Enjoy the Calmness at the beginning of the week as the tempo will increase slightly as the days go by.

Let’s just roll with this week.

Lots of love,

Sarah xXx

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