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Weekly enlightenment 5.2.18

Morning March,

Nice to see you, nice to feel you again.

Let’s have an amazing, positive week please.

Full of love and light and happy times.

Where life comes together perfectly in alignment of all our desires.


Sarah xXx

Enough said?

Energy feels like balance is important this week.

That work will be a good focus.

Preparing for bigger things.

Remember though, things can take time.

Take one day at a time, try not to get frustrated.

Tanzanite brings a message for us this week.

At this point in life, it’s so important to know a truthful understanding of self.

We are in such times of development and change and transformation.

Ask and listen to your inner self.

Write down…

What do you want in life?

Who are you?

Who does the world see you as?

Really listen but be light and fun in this.

Maybe you will start to reveal the new you…

Empowered Wise and All Loving…

Its time to own and balance your personal power.

Have a wonderful week,

Love always and forever,

Sarah xXx

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