Weekly Enlightenment 12.3.18

Ok, so recently you have had a wonderful rest from the erratic energy …

Ok No, I'm joking, you didn't, you haven't and you're not alone.

Far out brussel sprout, it feels like there is no let up at the moment,

One thing moves straight in to the next thing ….

And it all feels BIG …like full on….!

AND …This week is no different…!

We are heading towards a massive new moon on Saturday the 17th.

And all week it feels like the pressure is on!

So, let's look at this productively… How it's going to benefit us. What can we learn from this time. Let's be positive these day.

Well…It really is time to step out of the fantasy and get REAL… So, not a bad thing in this human world…To see the reality for what it is…Stop fantasizing over what isn't really there, as nice as it could or would be.

Some questions to ask yourself this week,

Are you enough?

Is he or she or it enough?

Are things really what you want and like?

Is this really what you want?

Is this Good for you?

How do you feel inside?

How do you really feel?

It's a week to Challenge what you want …Why …well, to let you see if you REALLY want it.