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Spring Into It | 23-29 September 2019

✨ Weekly Enlightenment ✨ Spring into it! 🙌

The last three months have been as smelly and stagnant as poop. The energy around was heavy, slow, difficult, and a bit of a grind. It made you dig real deep, take a real good look at your past, present and future with no rose coloured glasses on this time. There was karma to clear and a whole load of looking within to go through. Things had to change and that was never going to happen until the going got tuff. But hey, we’ve made it out the other side, and guess what? That phase has finally come to an end. The karma has been cleared.The energy is lightening and speeding up, and finally things are becoming clear, like crystal clear. Change is here tribe and it's beginning to feel good. In fact it's feeling frigging amazing.

So let’s move on from the old to the new.

Let's put the last few months in the past, don't look back upon them again. You don't need to spend an eternity sitting around recovering from what just come to pass and be cleared, but you do need to acknowledge the consequences of the actions, what you created in that past and you must make a conscious effort to create new ways. It's time to set new patterns and programmes that are in alignment with the new you and your new life.

You can see clearly and you know what has to happen to move forward in the way you dream it to be.

You cannot tolerate any old sh*t anymore.

You are aware of your old patterns, and when and how they tend to play out.

You have a choice to take control of your actions and your life.

There is no turning back from here. You can have it all, it can be as amazing as you want it to be. It's all up to YOU.

Have an amazing week! ❤️ Love, Sarah xXx

Events 🙏 Events week was so powerfully deep and transformative. We only have a few months of Meditation & Energy Alignment Events this year. Make the most of these opportunities to put yourself in the best place for when 2020 rolls around. Will there be a new you in this new decade? Please book in to avoid disappointment. Bookings will open up online this week.

Private Sessions 🦋 I have opened up appointment times for Phone Sessions face-to-face Private Sessions in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Card of the Week 🧚‍♀️ Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck; -

"Dream Big 😍 "Let go of your limited thinking and start dreaming bigger and better."

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