Weekly Enlightenment 15-22 March 2020 | EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS CHANGING!

It's a new decade, a new world, a new life and yes, a new you!!

We need to learn to live in a new way.

We need to learn to think in a new way.

We are going to be tested time and time again. Remember this is the school of life.

Stability and certainty never really existed anyway and now we are seeing and feeling this more than ever.

My feeling is we have lessons to learn now. Lessons in:

  • Finding peace in the unknown.

  • Finding calm in the chaos.

  • Finding faith in the fear.

  • Finding love in the hate.

  • Finding the joy in life.

  • Finding light in the darkness.

We need to keep stepping up, evolving and living our life and adapting to our ever-changing environment.

It may feel a little bit like living in a hurricane zone with an impending or current hurricane happening and we have no map, no idea of its direction, speed or severity.

We have a choice!!