Weekly Enlightenment 29 March - 05 April 2020 | THE GREAT CHANGE!

This week we are entering a period of severe stormy weather. In my meditation this morning, I saw a weather map and I was told we are about to enter the eye of the storm.

So please get ready for a cosmic storm. Go home. Do what you need to do to feel safe, protected and prepared.

Some people get excited when a storm is coming. Some people get scared when a storm is coming. Some people enjoy the storm. Some people hate the storm. Some people watch the lightning in fascination. Some people hide when the lightning strikes. Some people count the thunder strikes. Some people scream at the thunder.

How you deal with this storm is completely up to you.

The important thing is to please remember the storm always passes. Please remember after the storm, the clarity is incredible - it’s like a new world. The air is clear. The colours are bright.

What will help get through this time? - Surrender to the storm. Accept and trust it’s here for a reason, such as to change the climate and world we have been living in.

This is not the best time to go outside - you will get cold and wet and lightning could strike you.

Stay home, observe, accept what's here. This is a time of monumental healing. This is a time of great change.