Weekly Enlightenment 17-24 May 2020 | LET'S TALK ABOUT IT

Communication is everything. There has been so much chaos, confusion and change in the last few months. Some days just taking a breath was a challenge. We are adapting much better now to the current constant changing environment. Things seem to be clearer and now it’s time to go home and talk.

Where are you at?

What’s bothering you?

What’s making you happy?

Where are you going?

What’s the plan now?

What’s the future vision?

It's time to talk it out of your mind, say it how it is and talk with total honesty and transparency.

Real raw and authentic baby!

We need to work through some things, find solutions not problems to move forward.

We must find a way we can all be happy.

It's all about understanding, balance and being compassionate.

We need to see the big picture, see from all angles of the picture.

We must step up now.

Its time to grow up,