Weekly Enlightenment 31 May - 7 Jun 2020 | YOU ARE WORTH IT

Oooohhh La La…Please tell me that it's not going to be one of those weeks!!

Well, my tribe changing is not easy especially when the patterns and the conditioning have been set so deep in the foundations. But this week, that’s where we begin.

Going back, going deep, and taking a look at the story that shaped us, the experiences that made us. The past that created our issues around emotional maturity, boundaries, authenticity, and trust.

It is here we will find our answers, and it's here we can change and recondition into new ways.

Unlearning takes work. It's a step by step process of practicing new ways of being. We have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. We have to love ourselves enough to feel we are worth changing for. We have to trust our hearts and not our ego.

This is the most incredible change we are ever going to make.

To live our lives from our heart and not from our conditioning and ego.

Dig deep this week.

Don’t run away

Don’t try to escape

Don’t shut down

Don’t disconnect

Don’t be defensive