Weekly Enlightenment 14-21 Jun 2020 | TIME TO LINE IT ALL UP

Have you been seeing the signs?

Have you been listening to what's been said?

Have you been really seeing the truth of the situation?

Or have you been asleep living in some fantasy? Suppressing anything and everything that feels uncomfortable.

Has that left you feeling like you don’t even know anything anymore about anything?

Well, my beautiful tribe, its time to open your eyes.

Time to face the truth. See the facts. Time to wake up. We are in eclipse season, there are so many planets in retrograde, the cosmic weather is very turbulent and heavy right now… and it's like this for weeks.

What this time is here to teach us….

To see the truth

To trust our intuition

To listen to the voice with in

To be open

To be honest

To take responsibility

To have courage

To walk your path

To forget about ‘Them’ and focus on ourselves and our dreams.

To look forward

To change

REMEMBER / Suppression = Depression

“When the going gets tough – the tough get going!” – John Belushi

Have an amazing week xXx