Weekly Enlightenment 13-19 September 2020 | CHALLENGES

When life challenges us we have a choice where we go, what we do, and who we become.

We can go Into reactive mode and our egoic ways and thoughts. (The old way) or we can go Into contemplation, self-awareness, healing, and our hearts. (The new way)

Our challenges can be our greatest times of transformation and evolution; we just need to be aware of how we deal with them.

We have recently entered the last part of 2020 which some say is the most challenging time of this whole crazy year.

So please with this is mind be more conscious than ever, of your behaviour, actions, and thoughts when faced with any challenges.

You will have the opportunity in the coming months to really break free from the old ways that hold you stuck, small and suffering, into the new ways that support your growth, heal your past, and lead you to your wholeness and greatness.


When we go Into reactive mode we become very narrow-minded and see through the lens of our ego. I believe our ego is the fantom self that we often mistake our true self for. It's an identity, a sense of self but not the self. Our egoic ways and thoughts want to make us right, our ego compares to make us feel superior to ultimately feel better than. It relies on old stories and experiences to justify their reactions. There is no self-awareness when this reactive process is switched on and there is no growth or evolution. There is just more damage to heal.

When we go into contemplation and self awareness we take accountability and responsibility. We step back and see the whole picture. We are the observer not the judge, we try to understand the lessons and the blessings. We are open and understanding. Healing is more important than being right. Our heart wants