Weekly Enlightenment 29 November - 5 December 2020 | TRANSITION TIME

We are in the transition right now. What does transition feel like? You may feel an intense urge to push during this phase, but it's not the time to push yet because the body is still in the process of dilating. You may feel shaky, clammy and confused. Many become really vocal, grunting, moaning, wailing or crying out during this phase.

Behaviour may change. One doesn’t know what to do. One may be panicked or scared, and nothing seems to help.

At this point, some say, “I can’t do this” or “I need something for the pain.” Some of us may be transitioning with no side effects, some full blown every side effect there is. Remember this is just a stage and won't last for much longer.

Things that are known to help: Focus on your breath, Change your position, Let go, Ask for help, We are 3 weeks away from the birth of the new age. Have faith that everything is working out perfectly. We are exactly where we are meant to be. Everything is progressing in divine time in a divine way.

Trust the process, trust the universe is working with you and for you.

We have a huge week ahead kicking off this Monday 30th November with a full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini...BOOM! Welcome to an eclipse season we won't forget. You have a choice how you feel through this time please note, fear and excitement are actually the same feeling. And it's a feeling you can control. Sending you so much love XxXx

Love you, Sarah xXx