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Energy Enlightenment 28.8.2017

We have some great energy around this week and the main focus must be CREATING if you want to get there …(where ever 'there' is for you)

We have until the 5th September to really set our intensions with FULL ,TOTAL, UNIVERSAL SUPPORT!

Im taking your vision here, Where you are going.. What you want... Your short and long term goals. In all areas, but mostly your work!

You have a better understanding of what you want now, clarity is coming more and more. All you need now is a mind set of -




Because you can.

Remember through the busy times this week, to be light and stay positive.

Its the journey, not a destination we need to enjoy. Each step towards our desires is important.

Have fun, be excited, this is the best adventure. The only one you are going to remember!

My advice:

Write a list, date it 5 years from today, with the heading,

I created the following…I am in such appreciation.


My life looks like this today …I am in such appreciation.

What ever feels right for you along those lines.

Put it where you will see it regularly.

Smile, Its all on its way.

Have a fantastic week,

Love always,

Sarah xXx

PS. You can book your ENERGY ALIGNMENT (evening meditation) in the wake of the upcoming Spring Equinox by CLICKING HERE

PPS. Because so many of you have been asking - find out more about the epic BALI RE-TREAT by clicking here


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