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4-10 JUL 2021

Welcome and thank you for being here at such an incredibly intense time on planet earth. The shift is real, the new world is here and the changes are extreme, we have to learn to step up and adapt to a new way of life. Things will never go back to how they were before, trust me that's not going to happen and actually that's ok. Things had to change and so here we are, in the middle of this great shift, it's unfamiliar so many are scared, we like the familiar to feel safe but it's ok. PLEASE trust the new is forming and it's exactly what we need to evolve and upgrade.

Change is happening in every possible area of life because it had to!

This week the waves are going to keep crashing and you have to learn as a surfer when you need to relax and when you need to be ready to go. You may need to learn new ethics and lose some of that fear. It takes practice and the conditions are forever changing so adjusting and adapting is key. Patience is all part of, sometimes you watch from the window at home waiting for the weather to change. Some days the conditions are perfect and there's no stopping you.

My advice, Stay in your own lane Look after you Relax when you need to Go hard when you need to Go with the flow Trust in the divine plan The new moon in Cancer this week might make you want to cry a lot, might make you feel moody, might make you have a tantrum. I'd recommend joining the live online session on Thursday night so when the energy comes in you don't do or say anything you might later regret or need to repair.

This week you can damage or develop - you choose.

Love you lots,

Sarah xxx



Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;

Forgive Yourself

"Listen to yourself today, for whatever you feel you have done wrong. Remember there is no wrong or right, that is just an opinion. In forgiveness, you will find the freedom you are seeking." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.


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