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27 JUN - 3 JUL 2021

To be fair, we all have something that needs healing within us and this week we have a beautiful window to do just that.

We are on the back end of that last super moon and many may still be riding the king tide wave that it created. Luckily the energy will settle on the shores mid week and there will be some time to rest, recover and heal.

Did you know it's scientifically proven that the body can heal by thought alone? How easy it would be to heal anything if we had complete conscious control over all our thoughts. As humans that's pretty tricky though, all that conditioning and programming we have had has limited us greatly. So let's work with where we are at and know we are a working progress. This week you are supported to spend some time at home, resting, recovering and healing.

My advice this week- Be quiet, Be kind with your words, No gossiping, Meditate, Eat nourishing foods, Move your body gently, Think before you act, Spend time in nature, Be present, Focus on looking forward, Look up.

On Monday night I have a live online session. We will tune into the shadow of the last super moon as it aligns with some major planets (this is a great window for us). It is an especially fortunate alignment with an emphasis on success, spirituality, rewards and luck.

I feel this is one of the prize alignments for all the hard work we have done over recent months. Let's manifest something really amazing that we truly deserve, like a miracle :)

Sending you so much love,

Sarah xXx



Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;


"There is deep healing going on with you at this time. Healing is happening on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.


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