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11-17 JUL 2021

Are you ready for love? Do you need to learn to love again? What does love even mean to you? Do you crave it? Do you feel it? Get ready for a shake up in the area of love in your life this week. This is not in a bad or a good way, it's just a theme this week. We are being asked to look at, think about and work on our relationships and the level of love in our lives. The last two years, love has been tricky, you may have had to fight for it, defend it, lose it, or even long for it, relationships and love have gone through some testing times. This week there is a shift. There is a new energy coming in and it feels good. We are moving forward, we have new wisdom and we are so much more aware of what love is, what we need, and how we work it out.

Please remember - Love is a series of emotions. Love is a state of being. Love is a choice. Love takes courage. Love is everlasting

Have an amazing week,

I love you.

Sarah xxx



Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;

You Are So Loved

"Love is what connects us all at a deep soul level because you are love. Open your heart to receive all of the love that surrounds you. Choose to be in love today." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.


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