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OMG... Finally, We Can Take a Fuc#Ing Breath!!!

19 - 25 NOVEMBER 2023

"Oh, my life is it true...?" I hear you saying, "Can I really take a breath and relax just slightly? And you promise no wet fish is going to be slapped around my face when I least expect it…!" Yeah sounds weird, it has been weird and wild, and next-level!

November was never going to be easy, all that eclipse energy entwined in Scorpio season wowsa!!! But we know everything happens for a reason.

The classroom of life is unpredictable and lessons and blessings come in many different forms. We know we need to trust more and fear less. We need to love more and hate less, we know we need to grow up more and stop reverting back to the child and that's all that's been happening.

The old narratives are not only boring as shit they have no place anymore, so yeah it's been edgy. So much so you have no choice but to release that karmic baggage, take risks, claim your power, ignite your truth and passion, and transform what needs to change.

This is the path we are all on whether we like it or not. Fight it or flow with it it's up to you, it's called self-mastery and why we are all here!

You're welcome for the reminder :)


So this week the path takes a pleasant turn, we are out of that dark tunnel and the sun is shining. Welcome to Sagittarius season. This will feel like a breath of fresh air. Time to bring some lightness and playfulness back into our lives. We can hop, skip, and jump a little without worrying we may be tripped up. So please lighten up, relax, and laugh a little.

Keep working on yourself as November is the month to dive deep but this week have fun with it.

Next week we have a Gemini Full moon and the psycho might return so enjoy these windows, please.


Love you,

Sarah xXx

If you would like to receive some more guidance about this week's energy, watch my Weekly Cosmic Forecast below.


Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;


"Life is supposed to be fun! Bring a little joy and spontaneity into your day by doing something that feels fun to you." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.

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