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So Here It Is, the Week of All Weeks

7 - 13 APRIL

We start this week with the Total Solar Eclipse on a New Moon in Aries. 

This is a BIG STUFF. 

I have been talking about this Eclipse for months and with good reason. A massive shift is happening and who even knows what that means other than some form of change is coming. 

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon completely blocks the Sun. Day becomes night and all we can see of the Sun is a small glimmer of light. I believe this is a reset point for us all. 

This solar eclipse will be viewable across parts of North and Central America although its energy will be felt everywhere.  It is expected to be one of the longest Eclipses of our lifetime. It is believed the countries that can see the Total Eclipse are going to be countries that are up for the biggest change and transformation.

I would say this eclipse is one of the most powerful cosmic events of 2024. The way you perceive yourself and how you show up in the world may be up for revision or evolution during this time.

This solar eclipse is highly transformational and a doorway to new beginnings. New pathways will open for us all and we have the opportunity to see in a whole new light. 

This solar eclipse is an excellent time to face your fears around your soul’s mission. You may have an inner knowledge of your soul’s path and what it would look like to create this life. It takes courage, though, to align with your life’s mission. It may even take risks or leaps of faith to create a life you know you were born to live.

This solar eclipse might just give you the courageous boost you need to go after what (and whom) you desire.

This is an aligned time to tap into the bold and courageous energy of Aries.

This is a great time to set some intentions for the future and look where you are going. 

This is the perfect time to become defined by a vision of your future not a memory of your past as Joe would say. 

This is also a time when we must just trust in the bigger picture of life. Trust our intuition, It will be so heightened right now, and just keep walking in the direction of our deepest desires. Things may not go to our plan right now but we are not walking to our plans. This rest has delivered us a whole new map. You may not realise this straight away but soon you will see. Just remember things may go better than you could ever have expected! It might turn out to be amazing. 


My advice this week:

  1. Expect the unexpected. Schedule space in your diary for the what-ifs. 

  2. Refrain from making big decisions or launching major initiatives from March 25th to April 25th (aka eclipse season and mercury retro)

  3. Calm Practice activities that discharge the jitters. If you feel like you’ve just downed three shots of espresso, find a way to release the energy, sex, exercise, etc. 

  4. Ground Yourself. Spend time in nature or with pets. Take your shoes and socks off. Breathe into your belly. Cook nourishing meals.

  5. Rest Abundantly. Limiting screen time, and meditating as much as possible will help you stay calm.

  6. Prioritize Quality Time. Hang with the people and plan activities that replenish your system. Say no to everything else for now.

  7. Connect To Self. Morning crying sessions, afternoon dates with your journal, and/or spontaneous dance parties can all help with your emotions. 

  8. Visualize the best possible outcomes. 

  9. Love in as many ways as you can.

It's a trip right now - either love it or hate it, up to you :) 

Love you,


If you would like to receive some more guidance about this week's energy, watch my Weekly Cosmic Forecast below.


Here's a little guidance for the week ahead from The Transformation Deck;


"Put your trust in the universe. It has a bigger and better plan for you right now, even if you don't know what that plan is yet. Trust in yourself and trust in the Universe." If you would like to connect to your own inner guide and intuition, visit the Shop on my website to get your own deck today.


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