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Part of my job I adore is supporting and watching people grow ,follow their dreams and attain personal success .

I was recently reading through some testimonies and I came across this one..It made me think of this amazing lady.

My first consultation with Sarah was more out of curiosity than need, wanting to learn a little more about spirituality and balance. I’ve always been a confident, passionate business woman and Sarah helped educate me to also focus on nurturing, balance, health, nutrition and overall well-being to enrich my life and give it another aspect. Sarah has been a supportive, enlightening and calming influence instilling a more genuine, natural confidence into my persona. She also encourages me to keep progressing forward in a more balanced way, which has given me greater awareness, success and happiness in a number of areas.

When my son was struck with Type 1 Diabetes three years ago as a young teenager, Sarah’s guidance, support and knowledge was amazing, at a very difficult time. Her suggested techniques and guidance are now instilled into our family life, and the results and stability have been incredible for us all. I have no doubt that her early intervention helped my son to be insulin free for over a year which is truly unbelievable.

I would not hesitate in recommending any of Sarah’s therapies or treatments. Her knowledge is of the highest level and she will work to your own needs whilst guiding you in the right direction, in a supportive and encouraging manner. I have learnt so much from Sarah over the past few years and am truly grateful for her advice, support and friendship.

Zoe Sparks

When I first met Zoe she was trapped in a world that she had outgrown .A travel agency and an outdated marriage .Many would have been happy to have had what she had then, but it wasn't enough for her any longer. She knew it and wasn't scared to make changes. She took risks and focused on what she wanted to do , in all areas of her life. Her journey wasn't easy at times, but she never gave up. Zoë had a dream and that's where she was going. It's amazing watching people go from strength to strength fearlessly. Everybody has parts of their story that don't go to plan , the curve balls of life but Zoë was and is one of those women that just moved through these times ,gaining more and more strength. She kept faith ,listened, trusted and never gave up.

An example of this is when Zoë's son became very sick and was diagnosed with diabetes. As a mother this must be one of our biggest fears , our children becoming dangerously sick. Never once did I hear Zoe complain. She actually used this time to really dig deep, taking on board new ways of living that supported her son and herself that previously would have seemed impossible.

As Zoe expanded and grew so did her visions and dreams. From Travel Agent to Travel Guru to writing her first and now, her second book .Such huge achievements ! and, I know that's not it ,she won't stop there ,She will keep growing and going .

I just love seeing Zoe these days in her power and living her dream.

The message here,

If you have a dream. Go for it.

There is nothing stopping you,except you .

Don't let your story hold you back. Let it empower you and push you to exactly where you want to go.

You deserve to live a life you love ...beyond your wildest dreams.

love always,

Sarah xXx

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