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Energy Enlightenment 24.7.2017

Omgoodness …Who is feeling the energy this week ???

So today ...


Use today to reflect on where you are ... and where you want to go ... What do you really want ? The light that hits our plant tomorrow is really making dreams - our wants Come true - manifest in to our reality. Such incredible times we are in. Please use this time to create, the universe is supporting you all the way - time for you to really support you.

The energy here in Ibiza is incredible.

I have a session running here tomorrow - Wednesday night 7:30pm local time.

The new light I see coming in is so clear and bright there is definitely a new level we are shifting into!!!

I have been guided to invite everyone energetically to this session.

So If you would like to be connected to the energy and activations just list your full name in the comments and I will add you.

We all deserve this !!!

Love Always

Sarah XxX

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