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This week was never going to be an easy one... I did warn you, many times, I did also predict some natural disasters this week. Mother earth shifts and so do we. And this week... The energy is shifting big time. Just as we needed it to.

You may feel sad, angry, unbalanced, playing off old stories in your head, past issues may be coming up....You may feel lost, unsure, tired, may be steaming , smoking or just plain feeling mental!!!

Remember this to shall pass ....


Mount Agung a volcano in Bali errupted this week. This is a volcano we visit on my retreats in Bali Because ... Its a massive energy centre of the earth A very sacred volcano It represents the element of Air It is where the quality of life itself is made pure

Air is the element of the mind

Mount Agung has erupted, she is letting go Letting go of what she has held on to for sooo long

Its time.... This is it....

The clarity that will follow this, will be amazing. Hang on in there ...

I am here supporting you every step of the way.

In love and light,

Sarah xXx

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