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Weekly Enlightenment 11.12.17

It’s a big week …It’s a big time right now!!!

We are in the last few weeks of 2017 and its busy, busy, busy. We are in a super productive, creative time of expansion.

This is not a time to sit back and relax.

The energy this week is encouraging you to do all the things you want and need to do, done. Yes, get sh@t done.

Also, a week to get your head in a good place in regard to matters of your heart!

This week has a huge focus on relationships.

You can probably feel the energy building up in preparation for a massive date tomorrow, 12.12

The numerology of 12/12 offers the opportunity to contemplate and make solid changes with how you show up for your relationships, even if you’re resistant to making changes in this area, this number combination will force your hand – remember this is all for the better in the long run.

The numerology of 12/12 also offers a new start in some sort of relationship—or relationships—in your life. Business, intimate, family, or friends. 12/12 is bringing a frequency of change that focuses on relationships in all areas.

Questions to ask yourself this week…

What does my relationship look like? What do I want my relationships to look like? What direction is my relationship going? What do I believe about my relationship? What does my heart want? What changes need to be made in my relationship? What kind of relationship do I desire? What are my beliefs around relationships?

It's now time to connect and align to the Love and light that you and your beautiful heart deserves.

I will be working in Brisbane tonight, Sunshine Coast tomorrow night for our Energy Alignment Events.

If your single and wanting a relationship don’t miss this alignment. If you’re in a relationship or somewhere in the middle don’t miss this alignment.

It’s time to make your relationships the best they can be… I mean, isn’t that one of the main reasons we are here being human....To have relationships and to love!!!

Talking more about the energy this week later this morning on Facebook live.


Sending lots of love and light,

Have a amazing week,

Sarah xXx

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